May’s Membership Meeting

Your next meeting will be 6:30 PM Tuesday May 7th, 2024, at Moose Lodge
Family Center 6191 Rock Island Road Tamarac.

We’ve had some great sponsors and speakers at recent meetings. Patronize
those businesses and mention that you’re a Broward 10-13 member. Sponsors for
the May meeting will be Dr. Mildred Collazo DDS from
& Marc Bienenfeld, financial advisor from . Please give
them complete courtesy and attention. If you need to talk during the speaker
presentations, go outside. Your sponsors support our club and are interested in you.
Please treat them as friends and family.

Let us know if you have, or factually know of, confirmed Emblem and/or
Aetna providers in the Broward/Palm Beach/Miami counties areas. The list is small
but we should keep ourselves updated.
Next HR 218 course is Friday, June 14th, 2024 at Gun World of South
Florida, 1700 S Powerline Rd, Deerfield Beach. The course is open to all NYPD 10-13
members and LEO guests. Please bring police ID and required ammo for said firearm
and all safety items; eye & ear protection. Cost is $25, P/P. RSVP on Facebook 10-13
page, or this email. Bring additional magazines, to assist with expediting your relay.
Also, as of July 2024, the HR218 course has been changed. Details of the new course
will be forthcoming, and it will apply to our future relays.

Special thanks to Warren Sam for keeping up with publishing The Blotter as
often as we can get the information to him. He’s doing a great service from a
distance. Your board has kept up with a fast pace of running the club and always
working in the background to keep things going. . . I’m humbled and proud to run
with them!

Be kind to one another … offer help to other 10-13 members and always talk
openly (But, PLEASE, NOT DURING THE MEETINGS! !) Until the meeting … stay
healthy, happy and safe ! !

– Martin